Wholesale Distribution

4G SmartSole Spec Sheet Page 2 technical specifications for smartsole gps trackerThe GPS SmartSole® is available for distribution in countries around the world. We offer several programs combining the hardware, software, backend portal and connectivity, or through our API’s you can integrate our hardware on your backend platform. We also offer private label and OEM options as well.


If your business is interested in buying and reselling a minimum of 50-100 GPS SmartSole devices®, depending on country size, please contact us through the form below including your company’s history, current products lines, markets and territories you sell and support.

Before placing your commercial order, we highly recommend you purchase an Evaluation Kit so you may test the product and service on available 4G wireless connectivity in your country or territory. 

Hosted Solution:

GTX Corp now offers your company all the benefits of our technology without the need to buy, set up and maintain servers. We host the application in our servers. You will have access to the software just as you would if it were installed in your server.
The benefits are:
Very low initial investment
No software to install (GTX Corp hosts it)
No IT maintenance and monitoring (GTX Corp manages this)
Full feature tracking platform
Administration access through a web panel

Licensed Solution:

GTX Corp’s Licensed Solution allows you to set up a full feature personal location solution. You have the flexibility to manage your own server, your specific level of security and eliminate monthly hosting fees.
The benefits are:
No monthly hosting fee
Use your own servers
Determine your own security levels
Highly scalable